Rules and Regulations

  1. School uniform is compulsory and students must come to school in the prescribed uniform in exact color and pattern.
  2. Ornaments or Jewellery of any kind shall not be worn in the school. Use of makeup is not allowed.
  3. Students must be punctual. They must settle down in their classes with the first bell.
  4. The school will not be responsible before and after the school hours for the students who use private transport.
  5. Students suffering from infectious diseases shall not be permitted to attend the school until full recovery supported by a medical certificate. For diseases like chicken pox, mumps and measles the isolation period is 14 days.
  6. In the case of long leave or leave during test /exams permission should be taken from the Head of the school. In other cases a leave letter must be submitted to the class teacher.
  7. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the Head of the school. They are not allowed to enter any class other than their own.
  8. Students are not allowed to meet parents/visitors during the class hours without the permission of the Head of the school. Telephone calls to the students unless urgent will not be entertained.
  9. Only parents are permitted to take their children out during class hours after obtaining necessary permission from the Head of the school.
  10. Students should take care to keep the class-room and school premises neat and clean.
  11. Chewing gum is strictly forbidden in the school premises/buses.
  12. It is school policy that homework is given on a regular basis, the amount ad frequency depending on the age of your child. In the early years homework is largely reading related. It may be a book to share with your child or one for you to read to them. Homework may also include the opportunity for your child to undertake an independent study or project. We hope that parents will get involved and offer their children help by guiding them without actually doing the work for them.

School Uniform