On 9th August 2007, The VLM ENGLISH SCHOOL ( A Unit of LAXMI MATA EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY) was incorporated to impart quality education to the students. It is CBSE pattern English medium school of Raipur providing value based quality education to develop all creative aspects of a scholars personality.

About VLM
The full form of VLM is VAIBHAV LAXMI MATA. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, love, prosperity  (both material and spiritual) fortune, and the embodiment of beauty. It is a co-educational school from nursery onwards. The VLM ENGLISH School has a happy and safe environment where the focus is developing children as learners, where they enjoy social contact with their friends and develop their learning in a supportive and structured community punch line of VLM is- Believing in success.

The importance of parents in a Child’s Education

We want real cooperation between home an school and need your commitment to a partnership. In return we offer Indian Queens as a community where the children are cared for and education with dedication and commitment. How they grow and develop intellectually depends on how they are treated. We will always guarantee to treat them with respect, encourage their self esteem and provide them with the knowledge and skills to enable them to develop their imagination, power to communicate ad capacity to work together cooperatively.