Academic Fee Rules and Regulations

  1. Parents are prohibited to have any cash transaction directly with wardens/teachers/school staff. The school does not take responsibility for any such payments. All monetary transaction are to be routed through school accounts office only.
  2. Maximum four installments are provided to students for deposition of entire annual fee.
  3. The annual fee must be concluded up to 31st December of the current session.
  4. Late fees will be paid with a fine of Rs. 15/- per day after due date.
  5. All fee deposit receipts must be duly collected by the parents/guardians at the time of paying school fees and kept safely for future reference.
  6. Fees can be paid either by cash at the schools accounts office or by demand draft/cheque in favour of PRINCIPAL, VLM ENGLISH SCHOOL, Sunder Nagar, Raipur, In case the cheque is not honoured a bounce charge of Rs. 500/- will be imposed.
  7. Transfer certificates are not issued until dues of the school are settled.



a) A student opting to use the school bus has to pay for the whole of the particular quarter irrespective of the day to commencement.

b) Similarly fee for the whole quarter is charge on discontinuing is charged on discontinuing the usage of the school bus. A months notice is required for termination of use of the bus service.

c) Transport fee is payable for 11 months during the year, ordinarily fee is not payable for the month of May when the school is closed for summer vacation.

d) Full fee will be charge eve if the school is open of a part of the month.

e) Bus fee (charged quarterly) applicable as per the prescribe Route chart schedule for transportation fee deposit

Schedule for Transportation fee deposit

Installment Schedule Payment Month
1st Installment April to August On or Before 15 April
2st Installment September to December On or Before 15 August
3st Installment January to March On or Before 15 December

Note – Fee once deposited will not be refundable. The management reserves the right to revise the fee whenever feel necessary at the beginning of the academic session.